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MySpace / Facebook comparison screenshots

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The following Forbes article is a interesting take on what happened to MySpace and contributed to it’s downfall and why Facebook is succeeding where MySpace failed. “MySpace demonstrates a big fallacy of modern management.  The belief that smart MBAs, with industry knowledge, will perform better.  That “good management” means you predict, you forecast, you plan, and then you go execute the plan.  Instead of reacting to market shifts, fast, allowing mistakes to happen while learning what works, professional managers should be able to predict and perform without making mistakes.  That once the bright folks who create the strategy set a direction, its all about executing the plan.  That execution will lead to success.  If you stumble, you need to focus harder on execution. “ Continue reading


Point Blank shared recently that musicians and DJs have never had such a range of tools at their disposal with which to accumulate and communicate with fans. But as these platforms develop at a staggering rate, so do the skills required to really make the most of them.

Simply having a Facebook page or remembering to send the odd tweet aren’t enough. Like it or loathe it, success today is probably as dependent on the savvy use of these tools as it is the quality of your music. So here are our top tips for approaching social media the right way. Continue reading

Social networks provide far reaching opportunities for musicians, the only trouble is they don’t work for the overwhelming majority of bands and aspiring artists. Critical mass and huge opportunity creates overcrowding.

What always struck me as strange was how musicians on myspace.com, Twitter and FaceBook actually thought that having a million friends was a good thing (despite the fact those friends were all musicians who only ‘friended’ so that they can get more ‘friends’ for themselves).

Can people spot the problem here? It’s a fake market, a bit like the sub-prime mortgages that bought the banks down…. Continue reading

snoop dogg twitter

@SnoopDogg just got into my “celebrities that know the true value of Twitter” group….. (cont.) Continue reading

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