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Yesterday, remarkably Ultra announced next year’s UMF dates.  Talk about advanced notice to get the early rates on hotels.  The dates will be Mar.23-24-25, 2012

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I recently spent a few hours with my friend DJ/Producer and Grammy nominee Morgan Page.  I had a great time sharing with him my passion as Social Media Strategist on the steps I’ve taken on Twitter to achieve almost 80,000 followers and rank #15 in most influential it the DJ industry➜ .  One of the these strategies I shared was the importance of looking at your Twitter feed, not as a medium by which you promote your product or service, but a means to connect with your customer/fans and give them something of value.  Creating content that people want to RT and come back to.

One way to do that is creating hashtags that show your expertise in any given field. Consider it like a section in a newspaper i.e. “The Business Section” of the Wallstreet Journal.  I, for example, use a hashtag called #Quote2SpinBy. These are inspirational thoughts that can carry you not only in life but in your craft.  It is a popular hash tag that gets several hundred retweets each time it’s tweeted.  Remember: the more RTs you get, the more you will be exposed viraly to people and the more you will grow your followers and influence on the twitter analytic aggregators.

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