Hi and welcome to my entertainment technology blogosphere.  For 18 years of my life starting in 1992, I had the incredible privilege to be Director in Pioneer’s Pro Audio Division.
During  this time we created some of the world’s most important audio performance tools of this century.  Products that started off as crazy ideas and through a culmination of dreams, passion and ingenuity lead to the fruition of gear that no one believed was possible.

(Pictured above: circa 1999 at the Pioneer factory in Tokyo trying to get our heads around the design concept of the first CDJ-1000)
What a thrill it was to work with a team of 100+ brilliant engineers to develop tools that would go on to become world standards.  Helping inspire new performers & bring never before seen technologies to the DJ world.

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Other than specific product features, the most important product strategy I implemented during my time at Pioneer was the “Artist Relations” initiative to get the world’s top DJs on board.  I can’t say this was my original idea as I stole it from successful guitar manufactures who garnered loyalty from the “Jimmy Page’s” and “Jim Hendrix’s to help move them to leader status.  So early in 1995, I began the process of going to the proverbial “door to door” preaching the Pioneer doctrine to the hard core vinyl purists.  Always unveiling new technologies and slowly converting them to what was to become the world standard products.  It wasn’t easy, in fact it was downright hostile!  I remember being at DMC demonstrations getting cups and hot dogs thrown at us. That wouldn’t have been so bad if the hot dogs included mustard and the cups were full of beer.  Somewhat demoralizing we would pick our condiment laden CDJs and DJMs to go to the next demonstration or next DJ meeting.  It took six years (+-) of evangelizing but at the end of the day 95% of touring performers had the Pioneer products on their riders.
This ground roots effort is what made us different that any other manufacturer.  I can’t tell you the honor it is to have been in on the ground floor helping to design & market products that would change the way artists performed and way their audiences experienced what these artists delivered through sight and sound stimulus.

1st CDJ-500g Ever 1994

These strategies and products is what set Pioneer down the path to becoming the world’s best ProDJ manufacturer setting new world standards.  Millions of CDJs DJMs EFX DVJs etc  later, the Pioneer team has earned a page in the history of Dance Entertainment Technology.   Pictured is a photo of our first child, the CDJ-500g circa 1994/5.  With an industry first of frame search and a whopping 10 seconds of seamless looping…oooooh.  Why was it called 500 *G*?  Believe it or not the “G” stood for the karaoke CD+G discs it also played.  We were a little off product planning target on that one.
I look forward to talking about my passion…”The Art of Entertainment and Creative Expression Through Stimulation of Sight, Light and Sound”.  I will be taking you on a journey through technology, music, gear, production tutorials, visual lighting design and my favorite … LIFE.  If you have any suggestions, comments or critiques, please feel free to post them here candidly.  I appreciate constructive criticism as it allows me to improve my content and delivery.

I now enjoy my time imagining of  what the DJ/Producer/Entertainer/Club of the future will look like and use as a sonic and visual brush, taking his audio color palette and creating beautful works of musical and visual art on the dance canvas of the world.  I am also passionate about evangelizing the power of Social Media for both manufacturers who want to build a stronger customer community and artists engaging with their fans.  Finally, I am passionate about my family, my 500,000+ social media friends, and performing/producing music.

My dream for this blog is to share with you the actual stories of the past including the tales of technical triumphs and all the tragedies it took to get there. You see, in life change comes from either “inspiration” or “desperation” and is never permanent change without a fight.  Victory will always come with a kind of fearless sacrifice.   I also want to talk about the future and how the new tools with effect mold and evolve the Artist/DJ/Producer/Entertainer.  These are exciting times technologically and I hope to educate, entertain, empower and engage you all to believe you can make a difference in anything you apply yourselves to.  Everyone knows Albert Einstein was a genius but I love what he said about intuition and ingenuity:

  • “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” and  “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Don’t worry about how good a DJ you are, how limited your knowledge of music theory is or that you are unfamiliar with the software tools of the trade.  Take into heart what Einstein said.  Take the challenge, take the risks, take your life and live it with passion…..regardless of possible failure.  Only then, and then alone, will you learn the “Art of Entertainment”.  SO DANCE WITHOUT ABANDON AND LET THE MUSIC BEAT MOVE YOUR SOUL !  ~ Psalms 149:3

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” ~ ALBERT EINSTEIN.


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