B E Y O N D   B E A T   M A T C H I N G


At this point we all know how web-based and mobile technologies have transformed the way we communicate. With the advent of social media, a basic one-to-one dialogue somehow seems quaint and old-school. Interactive group conversations have become the way of the web.

Setting up your blog, Facebook page or Twitter profile isn’t the hard part. The real question is how do you generate activity? How do you establish a committed following, and then how do you engage with them? Inbound social media marketing and the art of engageing your fans takes years to learn however you’re in luck because I’ve got the 20 minute cliff notes version.  It’s a snippet of highlights of what I’ve learned over the past 3 years that will get you started.

If you are not doing social Media as a primary way to get your music out you are probably going to have a tough road growing your fan base.  Well here is your tip: This month there was a book released by the author of MixedInKey software entitled “BeyondBeat Matching”.  In it you will find a chapter that has my quick and dirty run down on what to start doing for your Social Media campaigns. It is available to read for FREE online so don’t waste time in educating yourself.  If you’d like a printed version the publisher also sells that on his site.  Hard back booksw will be available in the future as well. Don’t wait..the information is there and all you need to do is take the time to read it.  I’ll be expanding on some of the concepts in the book here on my website over the next year so I can take you from Social Media 101 to 201.  Again my lessons and information is free for all and they are shared with you so you become a better marketer and music business person.  Check out the link and read it free today: