Take a peek at the new Pioneer Toy

Pioneer is setting a new benchmark in pro-DJ equipment, with the awe-inspiring RMX-1000 remix station. Taking a totally new direction to effectors and samplers, the RMX-1000 is a three-in-one system comprising editing software, innovative performance hardware and VST and AU plug-ins.

For more detail visit, http://pioneerdj.com

Tracks used;
Kissy Sellout 0:04 Kissy Sell Out – Live Performance
Daishi Dance 0:20 Daishi Dance – ‘Noise’ (RMX-1000 Scene FX)
Laidback Luke 0:26 Laidback Luke feat. MC Goodgrip – ‘Rocking With The Best’ (Virgin)
Laidback Luke 0:36 Laidback Luke, Arno Cost &Norman Doray – ‘Trilogy’ (Mixmash)
Chuckie 0:43 Chuckie – ‘Together’ (Cr2 Records)
Doorly 0:50 Doorly – Live Performance (RMX-1000)
James Zabiela 0:59 Tom Flynn ‘Opera House’ (James Talk Remix) (Ikonik)
Daishi Dance 1:03 Daishi Dance, Shinji Takeda – ‘Sax@Arena’ Mitomi Tokoto Limited Remix
Porter Robinson 1:27 Porter Robinson – ‘The Seconds feat. Jano’ (OWSLA)
James Zabiela 1:35 Dark Sky – ‘The Lick’ (50 Weapons)
Kissy Sellout 1:57 Kissy Sellout – Live Performance
Kutski 2:04 BRK3 – ‘C4F3 D3L M4R’ (ITDS)

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